Fellow Indie Authors Spotlight

Douglas S. Pierce
Hello! My name is Douglas S. Pierce. I am a self-published author Epic Fantasy and Urban Fantasy series. My stories feature unconventional heroes in unforgettable stories set in unique worlds. You can find my books on Amazon as paperbacks and on Kindle. All of them are part of the Kindle Unlimited program! I am a pagan and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. When I’m not writing, I’m working for the Man, spending time with my wife of 28 years, and wrangling a pair of Shiba Inus who make frequent appearances in my Instagram feed @douglasspiercebooks

Hey! My name is Jason Hein. I’m a self-published author, and lover, of all things fantasy. Let me officially invite you to explore my world! Visit VarsianKingdom.com for maps, fantasy artwork, music from the realm of Varsia, excerpts, and a list of my books. If you like what you see, please consider checking out my books on Amazon.

I sincerely appreciate every show of support, whether it’s buying a book or simply sharing my work with friends.

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 LINK TO AUTHOR WEBSITE:  https://www.varsiankingdom.com/